Solvent Storage

Solvent Storage Cabinets

Solvent Storage Cabinets

Laboratories require the use of flammable solvents within  their processess, however storing solvents in the laboratory is a major fire risk. Traditionally solvents have been stored in single skin steel cabinets, or at worst in fumehoods or on workbenches. In the event of fire, these unprotected solvents catch fire or explode, spreading the damage and putting fire fighters at risk.


Trying to overcome this risk, many laboratories have external solvent stores and analysts retrieve solvents from these stores whilst holding minimal stock in the laboratory. Although this seems like a good idea it creates new risks such as spillage during transfer, instruments running out of solvent or employees becoming injured through falls with solvents or over carrying bottles.


To overcome these issues, Elite Measurement Solutions supply solvent cabinets designed to hold large volumes of solvents within the laboratory. These cabinets are certified to EN14470-1 standards for protection of the solvents in the event of a fire and come in a variety of sizes and styles.

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Free Standing Solvent Storage

For laboratories with the space available, free standing cabinets are ideal for storing larger quantities of solvents.


Available in a range of sizes, styles and colours the free standing cabinet is ideal for any situation.

Underbench Solvent Storage

For laboratories with limited space available, underbench or under fume hood cabinets are ideal for storing smaller quantities of solvents closer to where they are required.


Available in a range of sizes, styles and colours the underbench cabinet is ideal for any situation.

Chilled Solvent Storage

For some applications such as fuel testing, there maybe a requirement to store solvents or liquids in a chilled state. Designed in an underbench style the chiller cabinet provides a stable cooled environment for storing chemicals whilst complying to EN14470-1


Available in a range of sizes, styles and colours the underbench style chiller cabinet is ideal for these applications.

Cylinder storage

Within a laboratory it's not only the solvents that pose a fire risk, gas cylinders are often kept in laboratories near work areas, these also pose major risks in the event of fire such as explosions or valve failure.


Available in a range of sizes, styles and colours our gas cylinder storage cabinet is ideal for any situation.

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